Please note that the pump is suited for Presta and Schrader valves only.

The hose is screwed inside the handle.
The Hose is mounted on the other side of the pump, depending on the valve type needed.

Please note, that depending on your valve type, the hose can be mounted in two different ways:
1st type: screw the hose on the pump first and then on the bike’s valve. (Recommended)
2nd type: screw the hose on the bike valve first and then on the pump. Please be aware, that some valves are not suited for that and this might lead to an empty tire.

The screwed top valve is SCHRADER valve (also called American valve) valve

The other side of the hose has a PRESTA valve (also called French valve)

After pumping remove the hose from the bike’s valve first, only then unscrew the hose from the pump.
Screw the pump back in again to the pump.


How to fix a tire?

Step 1: Use the tire changing sticks to remove the tire from the wheel. Put the end of the stick between the tire and the wheel (the hook part is not used during the removal part). You will notice the tire is removed from the wheel easily while moving the putting stick to the side.

Step 2: Take the inner tire out and find the hole. If the hole is small, you may use this scratcher tool to scratch the surface around the hole (this is done in order to make the fixation sticker have a better fixation)

Step 3: The fixation sticker has to be placed onto the hole. Press the sticker and wait 5-10 minutes. Please check if the hole is fixed well and inflate the inner tube before putting it back into the tire.

Step 4: Pump some air inside the tire before putting the tire back on the wheel (so it makes the process easier).

Step 5. You may use the tire changing sticks for this process. Put the part with a hook on the spoke, while another part is between the tire and the wheel.

Step 6: Pump the tire.

UPNORD bike seat cover. Size: NORMAL (11.25 X 7.63 In) and installation

  • For regular (not wide) size bike saddle.
  • Longer painless spinning on your indoor or outdoor bicycle.
  • Achieve your goals without thinking about the pain.
  • Comfortable experience and adjustment within seconds.
  • EAN: 5060912780013

UPNORD bike seat cover. Size: WIDE (11.25 X 10.43 In) and installation

  • For wider size bike saddles (especially stationary).
  • Much better expeirence and adjustment within seconds.
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable solution for the pre-installed firm bike saddle
  • EAN: 5060912780006